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Social media retention

Social media retention measures your customer loyalty

Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that understands the effort required to generate customers but also strives to help companies build trust and loyalty with their existing customers using social media retention.

As internet marketering consultants we understand the importance in trying to develop new leads and the process of improving your sales funnel but as part of our Outsourced Social Media Service we also consider the work required to support your existing customers and use our social media retention model to develop your customer base. Therefore, one could argue that a high percentage of your marketing time should be aimed at existing customers, and social media gives you the best platform to reach out to those people.

Social media is changing customer loyalty and retention methods by identifying trends through social media analytics what people are saying about brands, products and services. Social media gives you the platform to join the conversation to show that you are listening, clear up miscommunications, or to add clarification and build trust and through our Outsourced Social Media Service focusing on social media retention we can report on retention growth and success.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools your internet marketing strategy can adopt, and it all comes down to social media retention developing your happy and successful customers championing the service they receive. Social media retention when developed to align with your internet marketing and sales strategy drives results that reflect an increase in your customer base, your internet presence and your customer retention increases year after year.

Contact us to find out more about our Outsourced Social Media Service and how social media retention is used to drive and strengthen your internet presence and meet your competition head on while increasing your Return On Influence.

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Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that focuses on defining an internet strategy to develop an internet presence that is proactive rather than reactionary to market pressures while improving your customer experience.

To strengthen your customer engagement find out how we use our Outsourced Social Media Service to listen to customers and address matters raised based on their feedback and empower user groups to enhance brand values, product and service awareness.