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Social media listening

Social media listening identifies influence and popularity

Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that uses social media listening to obtain information relating to the key topics, issues and market trends being discussed during your social media engagement with your target audience.

Our Outsourced Social Media Service uses social media listening to gather insights that supports the belief that people trust the opinions of others more than brand advertisements, official websites or PR releases. In fact, people trust the opinion of others, especially their peers, more than almost anything. This means that online opinions on your brand and products really matter and stresses the need for social media listening.

Research has shown that social media listening is less than 10 years old, but its importance to companies across many industries has grown at phenomenal speed: More than 50% of marketers expect listening budgets to grow by at least 5% in 2014. Social media listening gives us the opportunity to take a multi-phase approach relating to both qualitative “listening” and quantitative “monitoring” elements to help you understand and act on what matters most to your business in the world of social media.

In our delivery of our Outsourced Social Media Service the aspect of social media listening helps in making sense of the following social media key subject areas:

  • Relevance to your brand

    Social media listening supports how much does your target audience use social networking and how strong is your social media presence in comparison to your competitors

  • Influence on decisions

    Social media listening identifies popularity which is not the same thing as importance. It is vital to understand how much impact social networking has on brand perception and the influence around the purchasing decisions of people you want to reach relative to other places they may gather information

  • Messaging and communication

    Social media listening establishes how strong your messaging and what methods of communication work best to build attraction, engagement and retention

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Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that focuses on defining an internet strategy to develop an internet presence that is proactive rather than reactionary to market pressures while improving your customer experience.

To strengthen your customer engagement find out how we use our Outsourced Social Media Service to listen to customers and address matters raised based on their feedback and empower user groups to enhance brand values, product and service awareness.