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Social media analytics

Social media analytics at the heart of our Outsourced Social Media Service

Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that uses social media analytics reporting to evaluate business activity in the areas of demand and pressure enabling you to make the decisions required to develop opportunities, meet the needs of your target audience and increase your ROI.

Social media analytics enable companies to identify and visualize trends and patterns in areas, such as customer engagement and market trends that can have a profound effect on your business performance.

Social Media provides a vast amount of data leaving a digital footprint through posting something on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, YouTube or Pinterest. Our Outsourced Social Media Service collects the information that enables us to understand the type of engagement that works for your target audience and the actions that help to push people through your sales funnel to a conversion. Using social media analytics we can evaluate the strength of your brand and align tactical and strategic decision-making to achieve business goals.

As part of the Outsourced Social Media Service we try to establish insights that relate to your internet presence, product awareness, competitive footprint through powerful metrics such as engagement ranking, number of followers, vote count, number of comments and more. Publicity values for each of your posts lets you easily demonstrate ROI, level of engagement and evaluate the success of your social media campaigns.

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Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that focuses on defining an internet strategy to develop an internet presence that is proactive rather than reactionary to market pressures while improving your customer experience.

To strengthen your customer engagement find out how we use our Outsourced Social Media Service to listen to customers and address matters raised based on their feedback and empower user groups to enhance brand values, product and service awareness.