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Colin Cesvette

Colin Cesvette internet marketer targeting success

Colin Cesvette is a freelance certified internet marketer and founder of Jamaica-Breeze helping companies increase sales online, brand visibility and customer engagement. Specialising in content based customer acquisition and relationship programs using content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization technologies.

As a freelancer trading as Jamaica-Breeze Ltd Colin Cesvette introduces a fresh perspective and extensive collection of skills to create or enhance measurable business goals defined by a range of agreed critical success factors that bring your vision to life.

Colin Cesvette is passionate about internet presence and customer engagement following the belief that websites are more than just design, in fact today a great looking website is a given, making it work for you is the challenge and that is his strength. In addition to his passion about internet presence he also believes that an internet marketing strategy is important to how businesses can develop and achieve a competitive advantage.

To be successful across a range of innovations (both sustaining and disruptive), firms must also develop skill sets that support the advancement in technology.

Colin Cesvette’s motivational quote is about self belief and achievment and this is reflected in his work and delivery to clients and adapted to cover roles as a husband, father, son and friend.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.W Clement Stone
Personal project

Driven by innovation and technology and the enjoyment of supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME’s Colin Cesvette is in the process of creating a magazine called Crowdfunding Campaigner in support of campaigners and investors to come together to share experiences, get ahead of their game and engage with one another.

Skills & Capabilities

Internet Consultant / Snr Digital Project Manager
Internet Strategy
Internet Marketing
Conent Management Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Development: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
Web Design / UX / Engagement