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We are passionate about working with our clients to build relationships that help in understanding how our internet expertise can build your online success


We are flexible in the way we work to ensure our project deliverables are focused on business objectives and goals and driven by defined critical success factors


We are strategic in our thinking and with our internet expertise support your business in building your target audience while developing your competitive advantage

About Jamaica-Breeze

Colin Cesvette is the founder of Jamaica-Breeze and as an internet marketer has held a Web CEO Professional Internet Marketer Certification since 2008. With a strong background in web development and project management and diversity in delivery across a variety of markets sectors Jamaica-Breeze focuses on helping companies develop their target audience through delivering technologies that generate leads, drive purchasing decisions and maintain customer retention.

Jamaica-Breeze takes a strategic approach to internet marketing by establishing insights that highlight internal and external factors that impact your business. The aim as internet marketing consultants is to create an internet strategy that is proactive rather than reactionary to market pressures. Supported by analytical reporting that provides visibility of business activity in the areas of demand and pressure our internet strategy enables you to make the decisions required to develop opportunities, meet the needs of your target audience and increase your ROI.

Managing your vision and expectations

Jamaica-Breeze as internet marketing consultants help business owners realise the potential of internet marketing and what the online channel could be doing to help their business succeed. While evaluating the need for internet marketing Jamaica-Breeze will highlight what is possible and with your vision and understanding your expectations can develop an internet strategy that delivers better conversion rates, user experience, customer retention and return on investment.

Today’s consumers are demanding more from companies. Customers expect products, services, and information that are timely and catered to their specific needs and desires. To address this demand from consumers our internet expertise supports being able to create user personas to identify and paint detailed customer profiles making it easier to identify and empathise with your target audience.

Focusing on your success

Jamaica-Breeze delivery approach adopts a design and development process based on experience as certified internet marketers and best practice adapted to meet critical success factors over many years of delivering internet solutions. The focus on success covers managing the range of delivery platforms including mobile and tablet using a blend of user-centred-design with leading-edge search engine optimisation (SEO) and internet expertise to create your internet presence that will attract, engage and build customer retention.

Mobile an increasing market

With the rapid increasing sales of the smartphone and tablets the market potential is also growing and Jamaica-Breeze has the skills and experience to help you take the benefits and features from your existing website and turn them in to a mobile solution that enables you to start reaping the rewards of the mobile platform. In delivering mobile solutions the approach focuses on customer engagement and the user interface, ensuring that relevant information is a single click away.

Confidently passionate about internet marketing

Colin Cesvette is confident in achieving high page ranking based on the results and feedback from customers and the belief that internet presence is more than simply design, in fact today a great looking website should be a given, making it work for you is the challenge and that’s his strength.

Find out how

Jamaica-Breeze is an innovative internet marketing company that focuses on defining an internet strategy to develop an internet presence that is proactive rather than reactionary to market pressures while improving your customer experience.

If you are looking for an internet marketing consultant with internet expertise covering internet marketing, internet strategy, search engine optimisation and social media then contact Jamaica-Breeze.

Colin Cesvette as the founder of Jamaica-Breeze believes that internet presence is more than simply design, in fact today a great looking website should be a given, making it work for you is the challenge and that’s his strength.