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As internet marketing consultants for Jamaica-Breeze we take an innovative approach to achieving your online goals and expectations by focusing on the following key success factors:

Internet Strategy

Our internet strategy plots your plan to online success based on strategic business goals and objectives while developing your online presence adhering to your user experience and customer retention.

Internet Marketing

In our approach to Internet Marketing we analyse your content with regards to relevancy aiming to understand how you communicate with your target audience and achieve your online goals and objectives.

Social media

Our approach to social media recognises that it is a way of life for many and we strengthen your customer engagement via social media platforms while enhancing your market awareness of your brand, products and services.

Search engine optimisation

We develop your search engine optimisation by using tools to manage search engine results, quality and relevancy while defining your target audience, identify insights, competitive analysis and your return on investment (ROI).

Jamaica-Breeze internet marketing consultants are passionate about what the internet can achieve in supporting the success of your business online and with their internet expertise can help you in bringing your goals and vision to life.

Diversity in our delivery


If you are considering improving your internet presence or looking to build your customer engagement using social media why not get in touch with one of our internet marketing consultants at Jamaica-Breeze to find out how their innovative internet marketing can help you in developing a proactive internet strategy to increase customer engagement and customer retention.